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The ENMTools web site is getting ready for launch

For anyone out there who read our Evolution paper last year, Rich Glor, Michael Turelli, and I are putting together a web site to host the software we made for that study. It’s got a bunch of other little bits … Continue reading

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Stickleblog: The stickleback family tree

Until recently, sticklebacks were thought to be pretty closely related to seahorses and pipefish. At first glance, it seems reasonable: both groups of fish have bony armor plates, male parental care, and species with elongated bodies and snouts. Many of … Continue reading

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Stickleblog: Get ready for sticklebacks!

This is the first installment of a weekly feature on the Wainwright Lab blog. First, a little introduction: My name is Matthew McGee, and I’m a graduate student in the Population Biology program at UC Davis with Peter Wainwright. (For … Continue reading

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Rita’s Interview on NPR

As many of you know, Rita and Peter found a surprising and unique use for the raptorial set of second jaws in moray eels. This set is used to grab and insert the prey to the mouth. Click here to … Continue reading

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