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Red lionfish: stunning and invasive

This week’s blog focuses on one of the most well recognized marine fish. Not Nemo, but the lionfish, specifically the red lionfish (Pterois volitans). Lionfish belong to the Scorpaenidae family, which includes rockfishes and Scorpionfishes. This particular species is native … Continue reading

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Steps towards understanding comparative methods

Using phylogenetic comparative methods warrants a basic understanding of the history and progress of this field.  Working with some of the more recent tools for comparative evolutionary biology, I feel compelled to find out how current methods were devised, whom … Continue reading

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By any other name

We’ve had some great posts on Fishbase and fish eyes recently, thanks to Carl and Lars. Most of the lab is working on abstracts for SICB 2012, so let’s get back to some fish videos. This week’s contender is Petenia … Continue reading

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