Tomorrow some of the lab will be traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting. Several of us are presenting on various topics including the feeding kinematics of zooplanktivores, functional morphology of sticklebacks,  nocturnality limiting diversity in the eyes of reef fish, and patterns of diversity in suction feeding among serranid fishes. Below are the times, titles and location for our talks. I’m also including the information for some previous Wainwright lab members and links to the abstracts. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, Jan. 4  Evolutionary Morphology – Fish Feeding           08:20  Ballroom B
1.2          FULLER, P. O.*; TAKADA, T.; OUFIERO, C. E.; WAINWRIGHT, P. C.  The kinematic basis for the evolution of zooplankton feeding in haemulid fishes

Thursday, Jan. 5   Form and Function: Feeding       09:40  Ballroom C1
32.6 MCGEE, M.D.*; WAINWRIGHT, P.C.  Divergence in the functional morphology and feeding kinematics of threespine stickleback

Friday, Jan. 6      Form and Function: Underwater Light and Eyes 09:00  Room 12
76.4        SCHMITZ, Lars*; WAINWRIGHT, Peter C.  Nocturnality limits morphological and functional diversity in the eyes of reef fishes

Friday, Jan. 6      Ecomorphology: Feeding and Fighting    13:40  Ballroom C3
81.3 OUFIERO, Christopher E.*; HOLZMAN, Roi; WAINWRIGHT, Peter C.  The diversity of strike kinematics in serranid fishes: support for the ram-suction continuum

Thursday, Jan. 5   Form and Function: Feeding       09:20  Ballroom C1
32.5 COLLAR, David*; MEHTA, Rita; REVELL, Liam; ALFARO, Michael; WAINWRIGHT, Peter  Does feeding mode constrain diversification of the skull in elopomorph fishes?

Saturday, Jan. 7        Fish Feeding: Scaling and Suction   11:40  Ballroom B
94.6 HOLZMAN, R*; COLLAR, D.C.; MEHTA, R.S.; WAINWRIGHT, P.C  Suction Induced Force Field: An integrative model of aquatic feeding performance