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Waiting in the weeds: the Sargassum frogfish (Histrio histrio)

This blog is cross-posted on my personal website’s blog. This week’s blog will focus on one of the things the Wainwright Lab does best, fish suction feeding. One of the current projects in the lab is comparing the kinematics of … Continue reading

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Nocturnal dinosaurs

Yet another non-teleost blog, but an interesting example of functional morphology and phylogenetic comparative methods. I’m cross-posting this on my own blog, too. Nocturnal dinosaurs. Wait a second! Is that right? Nocturnal (= night-active) dinosaurs? Yes, indeed. Contrary to what … Continue reading

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Eye shape revisited

In the anticipation of the publication of the dinosaur paper I thought it may be timely to highlight one of my latest papers. [Please note that this blog is also cross-posted on, my personal webpage]. Schmitz, L. & R. … Continue reading

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