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FishBASE from R

In lab known for its quality data collection, high-speed video style, writing the weekly blog post can be a bit of a challenge for the local code monkey. That’s right, no videos today. But lucky for me, even this group … Continue reading

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Bigger eyes at high latitudes

There is a growing body of evidence that light levels have a profound effect on the evolution of eyes. Most of these studies deal with comparisons between different species, but now there is a new intriguing twist to the … Continue reading

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Where do they get all those wonderful videos?

This blog is also posted on my personal blog. I joined the Wainwright lab in October of last year. While I had experience with swimming fish, including high-speed video analyses, I had not done any filming of fish feeding. At … Continue reading

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Size, Scales and Sceloporus

This weeks blog (also posted on my blog) is a departure from fish, but is about a recent paper of mine that uses phylogenetic comparative methods to test hypotheses for body size and scale evolution among Sceloporus lizards. Oufiero, C.E.$, … Continue reading

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